Super Productivity
Makes you super productive!
The simple favoritefreefavorite flexible ToDo List / Time Tracker / personal Jira and Github Task Manager

Plan your tasks with an clean and easy to use interface based on Google's Material Design.


Track your time automatically. Create time sheets and work summaries in a breeze.


Easily integrated with Jira and Github. Order your tasks in a clean local ToDo list, automatically create worklogs and get notified right away, when something changes.

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  • Access everywhere
  • Clean and simple task organizing interface
  • Simple time tracking and eas creation of time and work sheets
  • Gitub issue integration
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  • Clean and simple task organizing interface
  • Simple time tracking and eas creation of time and work sheets
  • Full Jira Integration
  • Gitub issue integration
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How the Jira Integration works

  • 1

    Go to the settings page and enable Jira integration

    Go to settings Enable jira
  • 2

    Enter your credentials. Click on 'Test Credentials' to see if it everything is in order.

    Enter credentials
  • 3

    Enable search integration by defining a JQL Query.

    One sensible query could be assignee = "YOUR_JIRA_USER_NAME" AND resolution = Unresolved ORDER BY updatedDate DESC to get all unresolved issues assigned to you.

    JQL Query
  • 4

    You can now search and add those issues to your local task list on the daily planner view.

    Search integration
  • 5

    You can also enable auto adding all issues to your local backlog which match a specific JQL Query.

    A sensible option could be to automatically add all issues assigned to you for the current sprint like so: assignee = currentUser() AND sprint in openSprints() AND resolution = Unresolved ORDER BY updatedDate DESC.

    Auto add issue integration
  • 6

    You now have your Jira Tasks available for your personal daily to do list. You order them by drag and drop, access attachments, description and comments of the issue and start tracking your time by clicking on the play button next to your task.

    Ticket example
  • 7

    Once you're done with a task, you will be prompted to add a worklog for the issue you worked on.

    Submit worklog
  • That's it for the basics. If you need a more fine grained control, there are many options available to configure everything to your needs.