Plan, Track & Summarize

Let time track itself

Keeping track of the time spent on a task or project is essential for everyone but especially for freelancers. With our App you can estimate the time you will spend on a tasks and the time tracker will show you how much time you actually invested. If it does not work out the first time, don't worry Rome wasn't built in a day either so, just try again.

Tracking time

Try – fail – learn – repeat

Knowing how much time you’ve been spending on a project in the past makes it easier to estimate the next one. That helps you in your communication with a client when you are working on a project but it also allows you to plan your personal life so you don't have to cancel any dinners or dates because you are running out of time.

Value your time

The time tracker already makes it easy for you to track your work and export it to your clients time tracking system but there is more. Once you have gathered some data on your working habits and time spent on projects, you can give better estimation to clients which will improve the satisfaction with your work. Besides having a way to calculate your work rates, time estimation is helping you to understand if a project is valuable. Little is less satisfying than working on a project and realizing you are investing too much for too little.