Survey Results

First of all: Thank you everybody very much for taking your time and participating! The survey really has offered some great insights into how people use the app and I hope I can make it better based on this input. I thought it might be nice to offer you some feedback about the results, rather than giving the impression that all those responses disappeared into the void. So here we go!

Stability needs to be improved!

Many named stability as the main thing that should be improved. This might be the hardest thing to achieve, even though I've already taken several big steps to improve this as a result of the survey.

First of all I started adding more automated tests. Both end-to-end as well as unit tests in the hopes that future updates at least don't break anything important. Another step was turning on TypeScripts strict mode which took me an almost comical large amount of time to implement as I had to revisit almost every file of the app. But yeah, it's finally done :)

Database issues

One issue I haven't been able to address properly is likely caused by the database adapter (IndexedDB). Several people seem to have been affected by this in different ways (see #418, #419, #398, #375). I have been able to find neither cause nor solution for this. It might be just how IndexedDB operates in Chromium. I replaced localForage with another wrapper, but the issue seems to be IndexedDB itself.

Replacing IndexedDB with something else at least for the Electron version could be an option. I am still shying away from this, because such a huge change is likely to make things worse before they hopefully get better. It also might affect performance negatively. If anybody has some additional insight to offer about these problems, please share them with me!

Edge Channel & Pre-Releases

Let me also use this to advertise using the edge channel versions for the snap package if you want to help out. It greatly helps to catch bugs before they reach everyone else. If you do so, I'd suggest you always keep a backup at hand! The app might crash and data might be lost. It's not for the faint of heart.

Other areas of future focus


This was requested by a considerable amount of people. Depending on how complicated this turns out to be, I might add an optional calendar integration. No promises made!

Making the app more popular

I've also spent some time to build this web page. This is part of the journey to make the app a little more popular. I'd really like to see more people contributing to the project as there is always more to do than I can handle by myself.

I think the best way to approach this is to get more people to use the app as helping out probably only makes sense for people who use the app themselves. Spreading the word about this project is probably the best thing you can do to ensure it will become better and more stable in the following years and beyond that.

Android App

Not really requested in this survey, but something I really want to see happening for myself. I want to be able to use Super Productivity for my everyday chores on my phone too. This will likely be a bit of a balancing act, as the mobile use case is properly very different for most people, while at the same time people using the desktop version will expect the same functionality being available too.

I am also pretty new to Android. So any help would be immensely welcome!!

More statistics, more report options, etc.

This was also requested by many people. To be honest: I am not really sure how to best approach this subject as - before getting the survey results - I felt more inclined to remove some or even most of the metrics stuff because it didn't seem to work very well.

What's definitely makes sense to me is to offer some sort of overview data for all projects. This aside, I should probably take a moment to reflect on this gain once the other stuff will be done or at least further along.

That wraps up this post. If you think I neglected something important here, please feel always free to open up a feature request. Thank you very much for participating at this survey again. You're great!

If you'd like to discuss the results or you think that I got something completely wrong, I invite you to head over to the spectrum community page.

Result Charts

Not sure if this is interesting for you, but here come the charts:

Chart1 Chart2 Chart3 Chart4 Chart5 Chart6