Hello! I am Johannes. I am the main author of this app. I have been working as a freelance web developer for well over a decade now. While initially programming was more of a part time thing to earn money, I can now say with confidence that I really do love my job.

Super Productivity came to life when I grew annoyed by the repetitiveness and dullness of tracking my time to Jira Issues as required by some freelance project. Programmers do not like repetitiveness, as avoiding it tends to be a big part of the job. Sometimes I like to think that my natural laziness was the driving factor in becoming a qualified programmer in the first place and that building Super Productivity is the result of probably the most extreme case of productive procrastination you will ever encounter (:

The initial prototype just took me a week to build. Back then I never would have thought that this would grew into a complex multi-language app with thousands of users and many wonderful people contributing to it in a variety of ways.

Even though this is a non profit project I spend most of my free time on it. It gives me a lot of joy to use something I build myself everyday and to see that I have built something useful, not just for me, but many others, makes me appreciate this whole project even more.

Please reach out if you have any questions, additional features you would like to suggest or any bugs you encounter. Super Productivity is a community project and there are lots of different ways to contribute. Really, any kind of feedback is useful and welcome!

If you want to donate a little something to support Super Productivity's development, you can do so in GitHub:

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